Welcome to The Moms Next Door!

This blog has been a long time coming!  I'm sooo excited to finally be making it a reality!  

First I want to tell you a little about me and this blog...or at least what I want this blog to be.

My name is Chanin and I am a Co-Founder/CEO of J. Elizabeth Boutique.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE empowering women and helping them to believe in themselves.  I want to motivate others, not just women, to be their best selves.  I have 4 daughters and helping them feel like they can do anything they put their minds too is very important to me!

I want this blog to be a place for inspiration and motivation.  I want you to come here and feel encouraged.  I will be sharing things about myself and personal experiences and also products I love as well.  I'm a little all over the place, so my blog will be that way as well, I'm sure.  I hope you are ok with that...if not, this is probably not the blog for you!  Sorry not sorry...but I know my people, my tribe, will enjoy the variety of all the tabs in my brain being open at once...hahaha!  I know a lot of you know exactly what I mean.

And there we go...this is how I will be blogging.  Kind of like I would be sitting here talking to you.  I'm sure I'll Vlog on here as well, because that is just kind of fun every once in a while.

I also want to have other Moms contribute on this blog.  Do some interviews with them and such. I want you to learn about other businesses...not just mine.

So if you are here..I LOVE YOU!  I'm soooo happy you just read this post.  Please stick around and join in on the fun and positivity I hope this blog brings to your life!  Comment below and say hi!  



4th of July Bedroom Bundle

4th of July Bedroom Bundle